Thermomix and acrylamide

Today we are going to discuss a very important issue related to health, it is a dangerous substance called acrylamide that is found in food, to which we should begin to pay attention since it has been linked to several types of cancer.

Avoid French fries - and if you're going to eat them, let them be lightly toasted

What is dangerous acrylamide?

The acrylamide It is a toxic substance and probably carcinogenic in humans that occurs when cooking food at temperatures above 120º. The main cooking methods that generate the greatest amount of acrylamide They are baking, frying and grilling at high temperatures. At the opposite extreme we have boiling and steaming, which do not generate significant amounts of this substance.

Does Thermomix produce acrylamide?

Thermomix does not produce acrylamide since its maximum cooking temperature is just 120º. Cooking using the Thermomix is ​​healthy and very practical On the other hand, recipes that are prepared with the thermomix but are cooked separately if they can generate acrylamide - when we bake and fry, for example.

What can I do to avoid acrylamide?

Cooking at lower temperatures, frying avoids a lot of browning, and nothing to eat burnt things, the same with grilled pieces or even toast - the slightly golden color is enough to flavor it and make it crispy - the rest is decorative so we can do without it.

toasted bread
Do not burn the bread or let it toast a lot. Do not eat bread that has burned, not even scraping the surface to remove the burned as many people do.

So you know, cook as much as you can steamed or with the varoma - avoid fried potatoes, and if you're going to eat try not to be very toast - the same with bread, better the mold without skin or a tender homemade bread .

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