Recipes of realfooding cuisine at Thermomix

What is realfooding?

It is a healthy trend based on eating natural foods, called "real food" by its followers referring to the use of non-ultra-processed ingredients, without flavor enhancers or chemicals that can affect our perception of taste and create addiction. For more references on realfooding nothing better than to look at the reference website where they explain exactly what is real food We bring you the richest and most varied recipes to prepare realfooding on the thermomix.
Boletus cream in the thermomixBy ManagerIf I like a mushroom cream, that is the boletus cream. Its intense aroma fills this delicious dish with flavor, which is also quite attractive when presented with some sliced ​​mushrooms.
Squash and cabbage stir fryBy ManagerThe pumpkin and cabbage stir fry is as healthy as it is delicious and requires only 15 minutes of your time, be sure to try it
Soupy rice in the ThermomixBy ManagerThe best recipe for soupy rice with Thermomix, the ideal texture and flavor and best of all, without effort.
Pear, orange and lingonberry smoothieBy ManagerLearn how to prepare a delicious pear, orange and cranberry smoothie, ideal to take care of ourselves as it has a large amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals