Thermomix tomato barsBy ManagerThe bars with tomato in the Thermomix are as good as if you made them by grating the tomato traditionally, only you spend just a few seconds to have them ready - we explain all the secrets in this recipe so that they are delicious.
Chocolate muffins in the ThermomixBy ManagerA recipe for chocolate muffins in the Thermomix, the classics of a lifetime, wasting flavor and smoothness but very easy to make by following the steps and tricks that we explain in detail.
Vegetarian Zucchini MeatballsBy ManagerZucchini meatballs recipe in the thermomix. We explain in detail all the steps to prepare this tasty and healthy vegetarian dish
Easy lemon mousse with only 3 ingredientsBy ManagerFun recipe for quick lemon mousse in the thermomix that only takes 3 ingredients and is prepared in 3 minutes. We explain its preparation and its secrets step by step.
Flavored butter in the ThermomixBy ManagerMake your own colorful and delicious flavored butters in the Thermomix, combine them however you want and give your dishes an exceptional touch.
Butter chicken in the ThermomixBy ManagerMy butter chicken recipe in the Thermomix is ​​quite mild for those who are sensitive to spices and children seem to love it. One of the 'must have' recipes with Thermomix, it is easy to make and will definitely impress those who enjoy it.
RejuvelacBy ManagerTo make rejuvelac or enzymatic water, place sprouted wheat seeds in a glass jar and add a liter of water. Cover with a linen or cotton cloth and follow these steps