Recipes with chicken in the Thermomix

Best recipes with chicken in the Thermomix. Using the chicken As the main ingredient, we have selected only the best and most delicious recipes with chicken for the Thermomix. If you like any recipe, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks and leave us a comment.
How to mince meat in the ThermomixBy ManagerLearn how to mince meat in the Thermomix correctly, without putting your blades at risk and so that it has the ideal texture for your recipe.
Chicken burger in the ThermomixBy ManagerHave you tried making your own homemade burgers? I mean the meat, knowing what you put in it, without stabilizers, preservatives, rare flours ... Besides being rich, they are healthier and you know what you eat or feed your family.
Chicken croquettes in the ThermomixBy ManagerA classic in the house are the grandmother's croquettes, delicious chicken croquettes in the Thermomix that apart from being delicious are made in a jiffy
Thermomix chicken curryBy ManagerWe will explain how to prepare a delicious chicken curry in the Thermomix without spending much time or money.