Recipes with bread in the Thermomix

El pan it is a dietary staple in Europe, America, the Middle East, Oceania, and India. It is prepared from a mixture of ground cereals, water and sometimes some dairy derivative such as milk or butter, salt and sugar, this mixture is known as dough and it is transformed into bread by baking. For him pan It is equally important to have some yeast that allows you to reach that precious crumb. We bring you the best bread recipes in the Thermomix.
Torrijas with thermomix al varoma or fritasBy ManagerWe are going to prepare some delicious torrijas in the Thermomix varoma, avoiding the harmful fritters, so if you want to take care of yourself but still enjoy the flavor of the torrijas you should not miss this recipe.
Migas in the ThermomixBy ManagerRecipe of crumbs in the Thermomix. Very rich, especially in these cold months.