Recipes with chocolate in the Thermomix

Brownie in the ThermomixBy ChefThe best recipe to make Brownie in the Thermomix, a classic dessert that needs no introduction
Grandma's cake in the thermomixBy ChefChocolate cake and cookies, that of the grandmother that marked my childhood with its flavors and texture. Simply a delicious recipe to make in the Thermomix.
Chocolate truffles in the ThermomixBy ChefThe best recipe for chocolate truffles in Thermomix, as delicious as surprisingly easy, we explain step by step how to make this delicious dessert.
Thermomix chocolate volcanoBy ChefRich recipe for chocolate volcanoes in the Thermomix, a kind of muffin that when sliced ​​spills delicious melted chocolate, an explosion of flavor.
Nocilla in the ThermomixBy ChefRecipe of nocilla in the Thermomix. Or maybe nutella, call the cream of hazelnuts with chocolate as you call it, with the Thermomix it is delicious.
Chocolate Custard in the ThermomixBy ChefExquisite recipe for chocolate custard in the Thermomix. This delicious dessert is prepared very easily and quickly thanks to the Thermomix.
Chocolate to the cup in the ThermomixBy ChefRecipe to make chocolate to the cup in the Thermomix, either for breakfast or as a snack. So easy and fast that in just 10 minutes you will be tasting a delicious chocolate cup.


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