Recipes with oil in the Thermomix

Oil is an essential ingredient in the kitchen and with the Thermomix it was not going to be the exception. There is a great variety, from the king of oils, our virgin olive, to the equally tasty sunflower, corn or even rapeseed. In general, whenever we make a recipe with oil we should try to use the appropriate one and the temperature well controlled - in salads, extra virgin olive oils and flax oil are the champions, for frying some prefer the neutral flavor of olive oil. corn or sunflower - a matter of taste.

What to prepare with oil in the Thermomix?

Below a selection of the best recipes with oil in the Thermomix.
Churros in the thermomixBy ManagerChurros are a typical Spanish dish that can be obtained almost in any bar in the morning, a rich breakfast that perfectly complements the morning coffee. The churros with the thermomix are prepared not only very fast, but also with the ideal texture.
Mayonnaise in the ThermomixBy ManagerMaking your own mayonnaise has countless advantages like flavor, texture and the absence of additives. With the Thermomix and this recipe you can make your own Mayonnaise in a pee pas.
Tequeños in the ThermomixBy ManagerRecipe to prepare tequeños in the Thermomix, some delicious cheese sticks covered with a thin and crunchy dough.