Recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine in the Thermomix

We bring you the richest and most varied recipes to prepare dishes from the Mediterranean gastronomy at the Thermomix.We can say that the Mediterranean It consists mainly of dishes made in southern Europe. The term "Mediterranean gastronomy" was defined since the publication of the book "A book of Mediterranean food" by Elizabeth David in 1950. ingredients that define Mediterranean cuisine are olive, the wheat grape, the tomato, whereas the culinary cultures considered Mediterranean are the Maghrebi, the Jordanian, the Ottoman, the Greek, the Ignatian, the Provencal and the Spanish.
Vegan nuggets in the ThermomixBy ChefRecipe to make vegan nuggets in the thermomix, very simple and practical way to eat more vegetables and less meat
Pineapple inverted cakeBy ChefRecipe to prepare a delicious inverted pineapple cake in the Thermomix, step by step with all its tricks to get you out at the first
Beef meatballs with apple in the ThermomixBy ZaidaMeatballs are an easy dish to prepare and versatile. There are many ways to prepare them and they can be accompanied in many ways. Turn on your Thermomix that today we bring you some delicious veal with apple.
Crepes in the ThermomixBy ChefThis crepe dough recipe is prepared literally in 20 seconds and is delicious. We explain how to prepare sweet or savory crepes, as well as some recommendations to accompany them.
Pesto sauce ThermomixBy ChefIt's delicious and can get you out of a hurry, the Pesto sauce in the Thermomix is ​​one of those must-have recipes that you should not miss in your recipe book. Pesto sauce is an Italian recipe that takes basil, garlic, pine nuts, and cheeses and of course our wonderful extra virgin olive oil.
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