Recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine in the Thermomix

We bring you the richest and most varied recipes to prepare dishes from the Mediterranean gastronomy at the Thermomix.We can say that the Mediterranean It consists mainly of dishes made in southern Europe. The term "Mediterranean gastronomy" was defined since the publication of the book "A book of Mediterranean food" by Elizabeth David in 1950. ingredients that define Mediterranean cuisine are olive, the wheat grape, the tomato, whereas the culinary cultures considered Mediterranean are the Maghrebi, the Jordanian, the Ottoman, the Greek, the Ignatian, the Provencal and the Spanish.
Pear, orange and lingonberry smoothieBy ChefLearn how to prepare a delicious pear, orange and cranberry smoothie, ideal to take care of ourselves as it has a large amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
Pumpkin bread in the ThermomixBy ChefDelicious pumpkin bread recipe in the Thermomix that also turns out to be as simple as it is nutritious, a way to eat better and enjoy good cuisine.
How to marinate a salmonBy ChefWhenever I invite them to eat at home and prepare salmon, they ask me what is the trick, and I always answer that in how the salmon is marinated, this process has much more merit than the recipe itself since it is where the taste takes all the flavor. fish.
Cheese flan in the thermomixBy ChefI use this recipe very often when I do not have time since it does not require an oven or many ingredients but I want to make something delicious for dessert, or to entertain a visit since I tell you that the cheese flan in Thermomix is ​​better than the prepared one by hand, its texture is delicious.
Fish soupBy ChefFish soup is ideal for a first course or a light dinner since it is rich and very easy to prepare, 5 minutes of preparation and the rest is done by the thermomix.
Yogurt sauce in the ThermomixBy ChefThis delicious sauce with a smooth texture and refreshing flavor is one of the most versatile that you can prepare, go for it, you can accompany poultry and meats with it and give them an original and delicious touch.
Cod in light tomato sauce in the ThermomixBy ChefThis cod in light tomato sauce with thermomix is ​​a sure hit, its delicious and smooth flavor will enchant you while you take care of yourself thanks to its nutritional properties and low caloric value.
Veal meatballs in vegetable sauceBy ChefA deliciously fun recipe for beef meatballs with ratatouille and vegetable sauce, ideal for taking care of ourselves and pampering ourselves as it is not very caloric.
Thermomix tumbled potatoesBy ChefLearn how to cook potatoes revolconas with thermomix, so simple that you will be surprised by its flavor so do not be fooled by its simplicity.
Cod with tomato ThermomixBy ChefTo prepare a delicious Cod with tomato in the Thermomix we need salted cod or fresh cod, if we use the first we must soak it a little before to desalt it. Don't miss out on this delicious recipe.