Tart Recipes in the Thermomix

Selection of the most delicious cake recipes at the Thermomix. We already know that this robot is a wonder in the kitchen, we use it daily at home, and of course, many of the recipes we prepare are desserts - like these delicious cakes that we show below to serve as a guide or inspiration when it comes to to prepare your homemade cakes with Thermomix.
Brownie real food in the ThermomixBy ManagerA healthy recipe for real food brownie in the thermomix, so that you do not miss the pleasure of a delicious dessert eating healthy, we explain it step by step so that you can make it at home with very basic ingredients.
Chocolate brownie in the ThermomixBy ManagerLearn how to prepare a traditional brownie in the thermomix, the traditional chocolate brownie in just a few steps and more delicious and healthy than ever.
3 chocolate cake with ThermomixBy ManagerRecipe to prepare the most delicious 3 chocolates cake with the Thermomix, with chocolate fondant, milk chocolate and white chocolate A delight explained step by step!