Potajes Recipes in the Thermomix

Potajes, how rich they are, and that's why we bring you a compilation of potaje recipes in the Thermomix
PistoBy ChefThe ratatouille is a healthy and delicious food that is made from different vegetables. We bring you a recipe for ratatouille in the Thermomix that is so good that you can eat it alone or accompanied.
Vegan lentilsBy ChefA few rich lentils, very light and nutritious. They are allowed to eat at any time of the year, especially in the cold months.
Gazpacho thermomixBy ChefIn our house there is no lack of gazpacho, especially when the heat arrives, so we usually have a cold jar of good homemade gazpacho with its touch of crispy ham, which in addition to everything, is very easy to prepare thanks to the thermomix.