Bread Recipes in the Thermomix

There are plenty of loaves for all tastes, we bring you a selection of the best of the best in recipes for breads in the Thermomix
Pumpkin bread in the ThermomixBy ManagerDelicious pumpkin bread recipe in the Thermomix that also turns out to be as simple as it is nutritious, a way to eat better and enjoy good cuisine.
Tomato bread in the ThermomixBy coffeepotHave you tried tomato bread? It is a rich tomato-flavored bread ideal to spread with creams or as an accompaniment to other foods. Today we will make this tasty bread with our Thermomix.
Panko in the ThermomixBy ManagerLearn to prepare the authentic Japanese panko with the Thermomix, it will only take you 10 minutes to make this delicious and simple recipe