Recipes of Creams in the Thermomix

Selection of the best cream recipes in the Thermomix, rich, nutritious and varied
Velouté du BarryBy ChefVelouté du Barry cream, sophisticatedly delicious, ideal for your most elegant meetings, ahead of Christmas dinners
Pumpkin Cream (ThermomixBy ChefPrepare a rich pumpkin cream in the thermomix is ​​to sew and sing, all the ingredients are added and programmed - there are no excuses for not eating healthy with this pumpkin cream recipe.
Hummus in the ThermomixBy ChefWe bring you the most delicious recipe of hummus prepared in thermonix. A recipe that is as healthy and nutritious as tasty.
Cordovan Salmorejo in the ThermomixBy ChefWe bring you the recipe to make an excellent cordovan salmorejo with the thermomix in a matter of minutes, with the order of ingredients and precise preparation to give the exact point to this delicious dish of our cuisine.
Gazpacho thermomixBy ChefIn our house there is no lack of gazpacho, especially when the heat arrives, so we usually have a cold jar of good homemade gazpacho with its touch of crispy ham, which in addition to everything, is very easy to prepare thanks to the thermomix.