Recipes of Biscuits in the Thermomix

We bring you the best biscuit recipes in the Thermomix. The cakes are a famous that has become popular throughout the world, there are different textures, flavors and the most varied ingredients.Yogurt cake in the thermomix final finishDo biscuits in the Thermomix It is very easy thanks to its powerful motor and the capacity of your glass. If you like these biscuit recipes please share them in your social networks.
Thermomix chocolate volcanoBy ChefRich recipe for chocolate volcanoes in the Thermomix, a kind of muffin that when sliced ​​spills delicious melted chocolate, an explosion of flavor.
Oreo cake in the ThermomixBy ChefDelicious oreo cake in the Thermomix, without oven and without cheese. A flavor so soft and delicious that it becomes almost addictive.
Coconut cakeBy ChefDelicious coconut sponge cake prepared in the Thermomix, ideal for breakfast, tea or dessert. The coconut brings all its flavor in this recipe, which in addition to being rich is much healthier than industrial rolls.