Recipes of Biscuits in the Thermomix

We bring you the best biscuit recipes in the Thermomix. The cakes are a famous that has become popular throughout the world, there are different textures, flavors and the most varied ingredients. Yogurt cake in the thermomix final finish Doing biscuits in the Thermomix It is very easy thanks to its powerful motor and the capacity of its glass. If you like these biscuit recipes please share them in your social networks.
Brownie real food in the ThermomixBy ManagerA healthy recipe for real food brownie in the thermomix, so that you do not miss the pleasure of a delicious dessert eating healthy, we explain it step by step so that you can make it at home with very basic ingredients.
Cream cupcakesBy ManagerRecipe to make delicious cream muffins in the Thermomix, a delicious sweet that seems to come from the best Spanish bakery
Pestiños in the thermomixBy ManagerIf you want to prepare delicious pestiños in the Thermomix this is your recipe, discover the tricks to make them spectacular
Nuts cake in the ThermomixBy ManagerA delicious way to eat less flour while still eating rich, this dried fruit cake in the Thermomix is ​​a delight that is very easy to prepare following this step-by-step recipe
Sugar-free pumpkin cakeBy ManagerThis delicious pumpkin cake is loaded with a lot of winter fall flavor, made exclusively of healthy, natural and nutritious ingredients. You can add, like us, nuts and chocolate chips to make this cake an even more appetizing gift.