Find out why you should put a teaspoon in the microwave

A teaspoon in the microwave? if I answered my friend - this way the liquid is heated more evenly.

This is what happens when you put a spoon in the microwave

Can you put a spoon in the microwave?

Yes, in fact it is convenient - you must insert a spoon every time you go to heat a drink in a glass or cup, keeping in mind that it should not touch the walls or ceiling of the microwave.

Why is it convenient to put a spoon in the microwave?

Liquids, especially water, heat up slowly and unevenly when heated with a microwave. In fact, all manufacturers recommend never using the microwave when it is empty and something very similar happens when we only heat a glass of water. What the spoon does is to distribute the heat better by reflecting the microwaves and helping it to heat better while taking care of our appliance.

Another reason is break the surface tension of waterWhen a liquid is heated in the microwave, it remains so stable that it does not bubble, even giving the sensation that it is not hot when it can be over 100ºC. The spoon breaks this tension as it heats up, avoiding the risk that breaking it when placing a tea bag, a sugar cube or even a spoon after heating it will cause it to splash and cause burns.

Some manufacturers have even added a sticker with the following very explanatory drawing of how liquids should be heated

Photograph of the sticker of the glass with water in a microwave

Can I put other metals in the microwave?

Absolutely not, putting metals in the microwave can damage them. The only exception is a spoon in the glass or cup when heating drinks. Never microwave another metal, not even thin metals like aluminum foil.

Can I use a knife or fork?

No, it must be a teaspoon. Its shape prevents electrons from accumulating on the tips, such as a fork, causing sparks (electric arcs) that can cause damage to the appliance or fire.

You know, the next time you heat some water for tea, don't forget to put the spoon in the glass.


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