Clean the blades of the Thermomix TM5 and TM31 correctly

How do we clean the Thermomix blades?

Many have surely asked this question at some point, and that is that the blades of the Thermomix They can be a bit "difficult" to clean, especially at the joints just below the blades. I usually leave them to soak a bit and then with patience and a scouring pad to remove the remains of food, but there are places that are unreachable with this method.

Cleaning the blades of the Thermomix

One day I learned that there was this small silicone accessory that serves to just facilitate the cleaning of the blades of the Thermomix, his name is ThermoBrush and it's a wonder.

ThermoBrush can be purchased for the last two models, the T and the T, and its price is quite economical for the time you save and how well you perform your task.

Links to buy ThermoBrush

It's easy, the ThermoBrush fits perfectly in the blades and with a simple circular movement all the food remains come out, it is safe since it is made of silicone and it helps us to prevent accidental cuts when handling the sharp blades.

ThermoBrush paa Thermomix

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