Thermomix Recipes

Coconut Custard in the ThermomixBy ChefThe delight of small and not so small, a recipe for coconut custard in the Thermomix that will force you to repeat how rich they are.
Hummus in the ThermomixBy ChefWe bring you the most delicious recipe of hummus prepared in thermonix. A recipe that is as healthy and nutritious as tasty.
Homemade custard in the ThermomixBy ChefCustard is the queen of desserts in our Mediterranean cuisine, and not in vain given its rich flavor and ease of preparation. Prepare your custard in the Thermomix following this recipe.
Egg flanBy ChefDelicious recipe for egg custard prepared in the Thermomix. One of our favorite desserts, do not miss at home and we want you to not miss yours.
Tequeños in the ThermomixBy ChefRecipe to prepare tequeños in the Thermomix, some delicious cheese sticks covered with a thin and crunchy dough.
PistoBy ChefThe ratatouille is a healthy and delicious food that is made from different vegetables. We bring you a recipe for ratatouille in the Thermomix that is so good that you can eat it alone or accompanied.
Coconut cakeBy ChefDelicious coconut sponge cake prepared in the Thermomix, ideal for breakfast, tea or dessert. The coconut brings all its flavor in this recipe, which in addition to being rich is much healthier than industrial rolls.
Chicken curryBy ChefWe will explain how to prepare a delicious chicken curry in the Thermomix without spending much time or money.
Orange sponge cakeBy ChefWe all like the biscuit, from the smallest to the largest, either as breakfast, snack or dessert, a good orange sponge made with the Thermomix will not leave you indifferent.
Vegan lentilsBy ChefA few rich lentils, very light and nutritious. They are allowed to eat at any time of the year, especially in the cold months.
Cordovan Salmorejo in the ThermomixBy ChefWe bring you the recipe to make an excellent cordovan salmorejo with the thermomix in a matter of minutes, with the order of ingredients and precise preparation to give the exact point to this delicious dish of our cuisine.